5 common mistakes … 👏

I’m working at it. Remember? I am trying to do proper pushups. In fact, I’m improving, and can do several now. By the end of April I’m shooting for 10 perfect ones 😂

I’ve progressed from modified versions using a bench to full on floor exercises. But there is still work to do 😂

Have you accepted the challenge?

4 thoughts on “5 common mistakes … 👏

  1. Been watching a few of her vids thanks to you. I’m going to film my push-up form and see if I’m doing anything I shouldn’t! I know I sometimes flare my elbows out of the ideal “arrow” sometimes.

    • That’s a good idea. I’m doing them in front of a mirror. It helps. I’ve become a fan of this woman, and anxiously await her weekly videos. I’m a fan of body weight training, particularly this time of year, and these videos have inspired, and challenged me.

  2. This is a really useful video. I try to do 20 pushups every morning and I see I’m cheating a bit with the full range of motion. These tips are really good reminders for me. Thanks!

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