A lesson learned … 🤔

My Wahoo Bolt died 😂

My Wahoo died on my last ride. It was my fault. I have been cycling regularly, and neglected to check.

At first, I was upset, and even considered returning home. I pay a lot of attention to the #’s to structure and pace workouts. In the end, I decided to proceed and use my perceived effort instead, but something else happened. I explored new routes, found roads I didn’t know existed, and relaxed on the ride. There were no KOM’s and PR’s to challenge. I was taken back to a time when I had no cycling computer, and simply cycled because I enjoyed it.

This was an important lesson. And important reminder. Cycling is not just about training. A ride doesn’t always have to be structured. I need to work on that. I’m considering going out without the computer occasionally just to see what happens.

Yesterday I met up with my 3 year old granddaughter. It was the first time I had seen her in person for 3-4 weeks. We kept our distance of course. There were no hugs. But in the preceding weeks, she began riding a 2 wheeler all on her own without training wheels. I had to see it. I was amazed, but what impressed me the most was the smile on her face as she road effortlessly over bumps, up little grades, and explored all the pathways. That is what cycling is. It’s a wonderful sense of freedom, and unbridled joy. Somewhere along the way I lost some of that.

It’s time to make some changes 😂

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