What a ride … 😃

Yesterday was a perfect day for cycling. Sunny. Warm (15C). And little wind.

I decided to do a longer, more difficult ride. It’s one of the most enjoyable rides in these parts. It’s scenic with iconic views of English Bay speckled with an unusual number of ocean freighters waiting to enter the harbour, the local mountains, and the snow capped Mountain Baker in Washington State. And, it’s hilly with numerous climbs with grades of 8-12 %. This is one of the most challenging rides here. And, one of the most enjoyable.

In recent years, I have become a big fan of Strava. Not only does it provide all the training data I need, but I can see other cyclists routes. I find new ones I wouldn’t know of otherwise. If you are not using it, I’d strongly recommend you do 😂

Do you have a favourite ride?

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