I have run out of room … 😂

I have had a lot of time to think in recent weeks. Time to rethink my priorities. Time to examine what is really important to me.

Cycling has been an integral part of my life for 50 years. I hate to admit it, but it’s been a long time. I’m fortunate to be able to continue cycling during these times of self isolation. Otherwise, I don’t know what I’d do. I’m encouraged to see that bicycle repair shops are deemed an essential service as more and more people are choosing to bike rather than take public transit, or jump into their cars. This is a good thing, and gives me hope for a cleaner, healthier future.

This corner of my den (pictured above) used to be a clothes closet. Today it houses one of my bikes, cycling shoes, jackets, other cycle clothing, and a soft case bike travel bag. I used to think of this as an inconvenience. I was running out of room in the house, and I wanted to keep my bikes safe. Now, I think of them as wall art, something I can’t do without, something I want to enjoy even when I’m not riding.

I don’t enjoy food shopping any longer. I used to shop every day, but I don’t trust the social distancing measures in my local stores. Every time I go someone disregards the 2 metre advice.

As a consequence, I’ve started rationing. It’s really not an inconvenience. For example, I eat oatmeal every day for breakfast. Over the years, I’ve developed a recipe that I really enjoy that includes oatmeal, water, frozen berries, a whole banana, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, chia and flax seeds. Well, I’ve started to prepare it differently so that I shop less frequently. I’ve eliminated the banana. They ripened too quickly. I use a teaspoon, not a tablespoon, of peanut butter, and fewer berries. It is still delicious, but I don’t need to shop as often.

This is a small change but makes the point. I can reduce my trips to the grocery story by simply adjusting my recipes. So, in addition to turning a spare bedroom into a home gym, I am also eating less. That’s a good thing 😂 Right?

What adjustments have you made?

6 thoughts on “I have run out of room … 😂

  1. I hope your right that some good will out of these bad times and we will see a cleaner healthier planet for the sake of our descendants.
    But I’m not holding my breath.

    • I have to stay positive. This pandemic has demonstrated that when there is the political will, we can get things done. That’s a big ask, I know. But what’s the alternative. A devastating future for our kids and grandkids.

  2. I’ve made some adjustments but as an essential worker cannot do my work from home. However in the 3 weeks so far of lock down, I have used my van twice and this has been determined by the weather and no school to take the boys too. I have also had to make more time for shopping due to the queues. But I do go to local shops that are less likely to have queues and that supports local, family run business over the larger corporate stores. Not something that I thought about deeply until this period in our lives.

    • You make an important point. It’s important to support our small, local, family run businesses. I am doing the same. In fact, I don’t really miss the larger retailers. I’ve discovered I really don’t need very much. I have all the clothes I need. The only shopping I need to do is for food, and I’m actually doing less then that.
      You mention you are an essential worker. What do you do?

      • I’m a nurse by “trade”, background in critical care for 15 years but have been in medical education for the last 10 years. Its been a while since I have been working clinically but suspect that’s about to change this week

      • If it does change, be certain to stay safe. And thank you. This is essential work. All of us are indebted to the heroic efforts of the medical profession.

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