The perfect push-up … 🤔

I admit it.

I’m terrible at pushups. My form is all wrong, and I can’t do very many.

One of my goals during this time of physical distancing, and self isolation, is to do them properly. I plan to practice daily until I can do 10.

It’s basically a moving plank. It can’t be that hard 😂

I’ve enlisted Redefining Strength to show me how.

8 thoughts on “The perfect push-up … 🤔

    • Me too. I’m terrible, but determined. I video I included show progressive steps to get there. Give it a try. Upper body strength is important in all that we do. Like your gardening 😂

  1. Funnily enough I’m actually alright at proper form push-ups. Picked up some good tips from that video though, thanks! Never actually thought of them as “moving planks” before! Now if only my pull-ups were as good! 🤣

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