Hill repeats … 😷

I spoke earlier about “a local jewel”, a little mountain blocks from my home. It’s a park sculpted out of an old stone quarry with panoramic views at the top.

It’s also a road cyclists dream, particularly in these times of self isolation. The road circumventing the park is closed to vehicle traffic that includes a short, but steep climb, and a fast decent.

Today, I completed repeated climbs up the hill. Ten in total. In just under an hour, I had a hard cardio workout, all the while focusing on both my climbing, and descending techniques.

I’m fortunate to have such “a jewel” right in my backyard. It’s local, car free, and steep. My plan is to complete repeats on this mountain regularly until I beat my personal record (PR) on the climb.

If you have a hill nearby, I challenge you to do the same 😂

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