The best way to inflate you tires

Your weight is not distributed evenly over your wheels.

Why do you inflate them to the same pressure? And, why do you inflate them to the maximum shown on the tire wall?

There was a time when it was generally recommended to pump your tires to the maximum. The thinking was that the harder the tire, the less rolling resistance, and hence faster.

The science has changed. It is now known that softer tires are not only faster, but more comfortable, and corner better.

I use the above calculator to set my tire pressures. I ride different bikes with different width tires, and wear less, or more gear. I regular check the calculator so I set my tire pressures optimally.

I would suggest you do the same. You’ll thank me 😂

3 thoughts on “The best way to inflate you tires

  1. For a long time I was a “what 110psi in both 23mm tyres and go” kind of rider. I’ve since reduced my tyres pressures a bit, both under 100psi now at least. Not sure I’m game to go as low in the front as that link tells me to, but perhaps I’ll give it a try.

    • I was too. I’m a real fan for the Compass tires (Renee Herse) – 28/32/35 mm. They are supple, comfortable, corner better than any tire I know, and fast. If they are over inflated, they don’t perform as well.

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