A new reality …

These are different times.

And they are here for awhile. Physical distancing is with us until there is a vaccine. And that may be 16-18 months away.

This is the “new normal”.

We all need to make adjustments. Staying in as much as possible. Only going out for necessities, and exercise. When out, staying at least 2 metres apart. And, not congregating in groups. Even small groups. That means no family visits, or dinners.

The good thing, for me at least, I can still bike outside. Group rides, coffee stops, and sportifs are out. But at least the weather is improving, and I really don’t mind solo rides.

And, the gyms are closed. I enjoy the gym. I enjoy the people I meet. And, I enjoy learning from them. Now I can’t. I’ll miss that. Instead, I have converted a spare bedroom into a low tech home gym. And, I’ve discovered an on-line friend to teach me new techniques, and exercises.

Redefining Strength is a YouTube channel I’ve recently discovered. Cori is not a cyclist. A runner I think. But she has a variety of videos about dynamic stretching, body weight exercises, full body workouts with dumb bells. I like her approach, and sometimes follow along with her routine. But mostly, I regularly incorporate her moves and exercises.

Redefining Strength may not be right for you. That’s fine. What I’m suggesting is to use the resources you have to continue your exercise program. Set new goals for yourself. Stay active. Get outside.

And most importantly, stay safe.

7 thoughts on “A new reality …

  1. Those were different times.
    And the poets studied rows of verse,
    And all the ladies rolled their eyes
    Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane

  2. Indeed, indeed. We’ve got to keep this routine up for quite some time, I agree. I too did some strength training (core work) at home today, after an hour or so warn up on the bike (thanks Zwift). Staying focused on fitness is a great way to help alleviate some of the anxiety, and it eats up some time, too.

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