Vegan Challenge … 🤔

I have been a vegetarian for 45+ years.

I initially changed my diet to combat a persistent health problem. Many times over the years, I have been fully vegan, but eggs and dairy products crept back onto my plate.

A few months ago, I re-watched The Game Changer, the 2019 movie outlining the benefits of plant-based eating for elite athletes. It made me rethink my values, and diet preferences

I decided to go completely vegan for the month of February for the following 2 reasons:

1. I have my annual medical checkup in March with includes a complete blood work up. I’m curious if there will noticeable differences with cholesterol and blood pressure levels. There is growing evidence that a plant based diet lowers them both. That would be a good thing.

2. And, I’m increasingly more concerned about climate change, and commercial meat production facilities are the biggest polluters. If nothing else, I can speak with my wallet, and refrain from purchasing meat and dairy products.

If at the end of the month, I feel better, I’ll stick with it.

It shouldn’t be difficult. I eat very few eggs or cheese, and no milk. I just have to watch the baking. As well, there are numerous vegan options in the grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes. The difficult part will be my family and friends. None of them are vegan, and several are meat eaters.

I don’t know why people find this so threatening. Particularly in this day and age. I’m not expecting them to change. If they see the benefits, great. But I’m not doing this to change them, or anyone else. I’m doing it to feel better, have more energy, and reduce my personal carbon footprint.

1 thought on “Vegan Challenge … 🤔

  1. I know what you mean about friends and family. I personally believe in this from both animal welfare and environmental reasons as well as health. Nevertheless, I always present it to family and friends as a health issue, but people still seem defensive sometimes.
    Good luck with your numbers. The closer I can stay to whole food plant based the better mine are.

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