Ya gotta change things up 😂

Sometimes, you just have to shake things up.

I enjoy training, even during the wet, winter months when I can’t get out on the bikes regularly. Instead, I head to the gym to lift weights, and spin. But this year, I have done it differently.

  1. I’m following Joel Friel’s periodized training recommendations as outlined in his book Faster After 59.
  2. After many years of belonging to a local, private squash club (with gym), I changed gyms. I joined a local, community centre facility with newer, better equipment, and a younger, more athletic clientele.
  3. I began a full-body weight training programme using free weight, and a leg press machine. In the past, I mixed it up using a lot of machines. Now, I’m more focused on form and full-body conditioning, concentrating on “time under tension” and “rep pauses”.
  4. I walk a lot everyday. 12,000+ steps.
  5. All of my workouts are fasted. I follow a 16/8 interval fasting routine, and workout in the morning before eating anything.

When I’m outside on one of the bikes, I’m inspired to blog. I’m anxious to share my enthusiasm. When I’m inside lifting, and spinning, I don’t feel the same way. I enjoy it. I feel better doing it. But it just doesn’t feel the same.

Training inside is like a speed bump slowing me down 😂

1 thought on “Ya gotta change things up 😂

  1. I too am trying to mix things up a bit. Cycling is what I love and it’s so easy to just do what you love. Harder to do those other things like hikes, core-work and rest (especially hard) but I’m learning and I keep at it. Thanks for the inspiration/validation and keep shaking things up!

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