Rest / Recovery / Test week coming up …

Next week is the 4th week of this Base Mesocycle, and it’s a rest week. A recovery week. An adaptation week. A test week.

This past week I have increased the training load. Heavier weights. More reps. More sets. More time cycling. And, no rest days.

So, what do I do next week? I know rest weeks are important. It’s when the body adapts to the training loads. But how much rest do I need? I used to think rest meant no training, and found the time off difficult. Now I know better. Rest means a lighter training load. Less time training. So, what do I do next week?

Joe Friel recommends 2 rest days, and several recovery workouts, followed by an aerobic-capacity and lactate threshold re-testing session. He also says it’s an individual thing. Some seniors only need 3 days rest. Others may need 4 or 5 days.

I’m not sure. I am sleeping well. My morning RHR is low, despite the increased load this week. And, I don’t feel sore, or tired. I’ll rest/recover for 3 days, and then see how I feel.

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