Bike to Camp PedalWORKS … 🤔

Years ago, when I first began road cycling, each year I would bike to the cottage. It was a 125 km ride. It would take me 8 hours to get there, and 6 to return. I’d bike up one day, rest the next, and then return.

I was new to road cycling. I knew nothing about hydration, fuelling, technique, or pacing. I just rode. Stopped when I was tired, or needed a drink.

Now that Camp PedalWORKS is an integral part of my cycling life, I want to ride here again. There are two differences – in a lot older (but more experienced), and it is a 4,500 km trip, not 125.

Next summer I am considering cycling to Camp PedalWORKS again, and am looking to put together a small group of like minded cyclists to do it with me. I’m planning on 4-6 weeks, camping along the way, and staying on quiet, rural roads as much as possible.

If you are interested in seeing Canada from a saddle, let’s talk.

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