Well that was a surprise … ðŸ˜ƒ

Well that was a surprise. Yesterday’s ride that is. Fast. Really fast. I can usually tell at the start how the ride will go. I have a 1.5 km slight climb right out of the gate. It’s not steep but steady. I can measure the rest of the ride by the effort up this climb. Well yesterday it was effortless, and faster than ever before.

I must be fully recovered. Or, I’m getting stronger. Who knows. All I do know is it felt good and continued for the rest of the ride. I sumitted short climbs faster than ever. Descended tucked low and faster than ever. And the funny thing, there was no wind.

It was a short ride, a regular weekly route. It’s the route I use to do sprints and hill repeats. Except I didn’t. I just hammered the whole way. And the funny thing, I didn’t have any PR’s on any of the STRAVA segments. I thought I might. I was close, but my overall average speed was the fastest ever on the route.

After 4 months of training, I think I have improved 😃

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