Treat day … ðŸ˜ƒ

Today is treat day.

Once a week I ride to town and treat myself to an egg breakfast. A western omelette, hash browns, brown toast, and coffee. Always the same thing. Always at the same place. A small lake side cafe that has been there for decades.

It’s not the healthiest meal. Especially for a vegan 😂 but I like the place [its really the only place to eat nearby], and the people. I have been going there, eating the same meal, for years.

I’m trying to eat more protein [i need more muscle], and I hate cooking eggs. I hate the smell, and the thought that the egg could be life. Having them out lessens the discomfort.

It’s an 80 km round trip. Longer sometimes. And scenic. I ride beside the lake or open fields of corn, strawberries, and cabbage. It’s become one of my favourite routes. And on the way back, I stop to pick up groceries for the week. Well, whatever groceries I can carry on the bike.

I’m out most of the day. I ride hard on the way out, and enjoy a more leisurely pace on the way back. I don’t think of it as a training ride. Instead, I think of it as a reward after a hard week of training.

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