Back to Camp Little Mountain … 😉

Each year I hone my cycling skills at Camp PedalWORKS. Each year I get faster, stronger, and more confident.

Can I keep doing that?

I don’t know, but I’m going to try.

In a few days I’ll return home to the coast. To Camp Little Mountain. You see, this discipline stays with me. The training doesn’t stop. The routes, bikes, and terrain do, but the methods don’t – hill repeats, sprints, large ring workouts, long rides, club rides …

I call home Camp Little Mountain. That’s because I live atop a Little Mountain, and have a 3 km climb home from every direction. The biggest difference is that it is city cycling. Traffic. Congestion. Stop signs. Stop lights. Noise. And dirtier air, and streets.

I return each year feeling recharged. Feeling better. Feeling stronger. And ready to set new goals. Register in new events.

Ready to try something new. This year it was a bespoke custom all-road bike, an upgraded, repainted 40 year old bespoke road bike, named “Dash” that I rode exclusively all summer, a revised strengthening program, and the Kawartha Classic.

What’s next?

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