It’s a prescription … šŸ¤”

Camp PedalWORKS is like a prescription.

A prescription for healthy living. A prescription for success on the bike. A prescription to slow down, change direction, and move forward.

Camp PedalWORKS isn’t just about cycling. It’s about refocusing. Discovering what is important, and letting go of what isn’t. It’s as much mental as physical. It’s about searching out truth.

Time spent at Camp PedalWORKS reminds me of Thoreau’s “experiment” at Walden Pond. Instead of daily walks in the woods, there are daily rides on the quiet, rural roads. Instead of writing each day with pen and paper, there are regular posts to PedalWORKS using an iPhone. His time at Walden Pond was never meant it to be permanent. He went there to explore the essence of life.

I come to CampPedalWORKS to “work on my cycle”, as Robert Pirsig refers to it in Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – a meditation on how to live better.

That’s what CampPedalWORKS is. A prescription to live better, “advancing [me] confidently in the direction of my dreams”.


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