The sun is setting …

The sun is setting on Camp PedalWORKS.

Another season over. Time to close up. Winterize and wrap the boat. Dismantle the floating dock. Wash and pack all the bedding. Thoroughly clean the floors and counters. Cut the grass one last time. And, close in the screened porch to keep the rain and snow out over the coming months.

It’s a big job. I have been working at it for several weeks. Not wanting to leave everything to the end. I’m almost done. I just have to book a flight, and rent a car to get to the airport.

Another camp visit is over. Next year I’ll be back. Back training for the Kawartha Classic again. And other cycling events in the area.

This has become a hub for road cycling in this region of the province. And it’s become my annual pilgrimage. My annual get-away. I always return to the coast recharged, refocused, and ready to set new goals.

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