Reflections (part 2) … ðŸ¤”

Camp PedalWORKS is primarily a training camp. A time to hone skills, build endurance, and increase speed. The camp takes a wholistic approach, encompassing cycling workouts, strength training, diet, and recovery methods.

In this post I’ll innumerate on-the-bike training techniques that work for me.

  1. Consistency is key. It is better to cycle 5-6 times a week for shorter distances than to take 1-2 longer rides on the weekends. Its better both physically and mentally.
    Do a variety of workouts. Each week do sprints, hill repeats, slower recovery rides, and longer tempo rides. Sometimes ride on the large ring. Sometimes on the smaller one. This helps to build both speed, and power.
    Ride a variety of routes, and actively search out new ones. Don’t forget to ride them in the opposite direction sometimes. This helps with motivation, and changes up the intensity – climbs become descents, headwinds become tailwinds.
    Use STRAVA. it helps to find other cyclists in the area, new routes, and defined segments provide incentive every ride.
    Ride in all weather conditions – the heat, cold, rain, and wind. They all require different skills and nutrition needs, and you’ll learn what fuel works best for you.
    Do a long ride every week. Long is relative. For me, that means 75-100 km. Those are the events I train for. For you that may be 30 or 200 km. Do them regularly, and your distance, and speed will increase.
    Do group rides regularly. Learn to ride safely in a pace-line, and the benefits of drafting.
    Record your numbers. Average speed. Maximum speed. Elevation gain. MHR. RHR. AHR. You want them to improve. If you don’t watch them you’ll never really know.
    Get into the most aero position possible. Get as low a possible. Slam your stem when you can. Relax the shoulders. Keep the elbows in. Work at it until it’s comfortable, and natural feeling.
    Schedule regular rest days. This is the hard part. This is the time when you actually improve. How often and how long depends on how intensely you have trained, how well you have recovered each day, and how fit you are.
    And, schedule a cycling event – a charity ride, a Gran Fondo – to train for and keep you motivated.

This regimen works for me, keeps me motivated, and prepares me for events.

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