Reflections (part 3) … πŸ€”

Everyone has an optimum weight. The weight at which you feel your best, climb effortlessly, and never seem to tire.

Everyone is different. For me it’s at 140 pounds. I have a small frame, and am not heavily muscled. I used to weigh 160 pounds, and thought I was in good shape. Others thought so too. But I was carrying weight I didn’t need. Weight that made the climbs harder, and slower. Weight that tired me quickly.

Excess weight is the cyclists nemesis. Too much, and you slow and tire quickly. Too little and you lose strength, and endurance.

How do you know your best cycling weight. Well, it depends on the type of cycling you do. I’m built for climbing and endurance. Larger, more muscled riders make better sprinters. You only know by trial and error, but once you have found it, don’t lose it.

After trying to lose weight for years, all my life really, I discovered how to do it without dieting.

Intermittent fasting.

Increasing the length of your daily fast, and only eating twice a day. 18 hours fasting, and a 6 hour eating window. Breakfast at 12 (following a workout), and dinner at 6.

This has worked for me. For almost 2 years now, I have followed this schedule, and lost 20 pounds. Weight around the middle.

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