Steel is real … 😏

Yesterday I rode with experienced club cyclists. We made good time over the rolling terrain, averaging almost 30 kph for the first 60 km.

On reflection today, I noted 2 things. I was the oldest in the group. By far. They could have all been my children. They were half my age. And, I was the only one riding a steel frame bike. They were all on carbon steads with deep dish wheels.

What does that say about cycling?

Well, I think it says age and technology matter less than the engine. Proper preparation and training enable older athletes to stay in the game. That’s what Camp PedalWORKS has been about – how to improve as a cyclist regardless of the age.

Had I been on my carbon stead, I don’t think I would have been much faster. Some perhaps. If anything, I would have finished with less effort, and more discomfort.

Steel makes a big difference to comfort, particularly on longer rides.

Give steel a chance, and tune your engine 😂

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