A shout out … 🗣

The Kawartha Classic is the best run cycling event I have ever participated in, and there have been many.

The signage was excellent. Every turn was clearly marked. There were 4 rest stops every 25-30 km with sliced oranges, cut bananas, and over 40,000 oatmeal cookies donated by the local Amish bakery. One of the principle sponsors, Boston Pizza, even provided a buffet post-ride meal that included pizza, and a selection of salads. But the best part, is that we had motorcycle support for the entire route that stopped traffic at intersections so we didn’t have to, and trailed at the back of the pack on busier sections to make certain the cars and trucks stayed a safe distance back.

So, caps off to the organizers. Well done. You’ll definitely see me next year.

More to come …

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