Last ride …

Today was the last ride before the Kawartha Classic – 55 km recovery ride to pick up a rental car.

Funny eh.

I need a rental car to get to the event. I could cycle. It’s not that far. But I would need to pay for a hotel room for 2 nights and wouldn’t be able to manage my sleep and diet as easily. Renting a car is the least expensive, and most practical option. I can also use it to run several necessary errands I can’t do easily on the bike.

It was a recovery ride. Relatively slow. A Training Zone 1&2 effort. Easy. I battled a headwind the second half in hot, humid conditions. It took more out of me planned.

Interestingly, this route is getting easier. Each time I pick up or drop off a rental, I need to ride it. I have rented a car 3 times so far, and will have to do it again when I close up Camp PedalWORKS and return home.

The next 2 days I plan to stay off the bike, run some errands, shave 😂 , prepare the bike, eat more pasta than usual, and hydrate.

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