This is the plan … ðŸ¤”

This is taper week. The week before the Kawartha Classic.

I’m not good at not riding. I like riding. More than anything, it puts me in a good mood, starts the day on a positive note, and sets the direction for the remainder of the day. But not this week. This week I need to rest, and refuel.

So, here’s the plan –

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Strength Training

Wednesday – 60 km (pick up rental car) at an easy, recovery pace

Thursday – Off

Friday – Off

Saturday – the Kawartha

I’ll busy myself with chores around camp – cut the grass, prune some of the trees, wash and tune the bike, stain the out building, walk to the lock most days, read more, and take more time cooking. And, play a little golf.

That’s the plan.

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