A tribute to Mike … 👏🍁

Mike Barry passed away in the fall of 2018.

I met Mike in 1980. I purchased my first bespoke bicycle from him, a Roberts from England, at his shop named BicycleSport in downtown Toronto. He fitted me for the frame, helped select appropriate components, and guided me in assembling it properly. Mike was an inspiration to me and many others over the years.

Last fall before he passed, I had Mike, and his son Michael, repair and repaint that bike. I never stopped riding it, and now with the repairs and component upgrades, it’s better than new.

2019 is the 50th anniversary of Mike’s bespoke bike building business, Mariposa Bicycles. As a tribute to Mike, and to celebrate 50 years of excellence, I brought the Roberts bike to Camp PedalWORKS along with a number of Mariposa kits.

This summer I have been riding for Mike and Mariposa.

Thanks Mike 👏

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