Haircut day … 🔪

Each year for the past 5 years I have hired a local arborist to trim the trees.

The grounds at Camp PedalWORKS have numerous 60 year old maple, cedar, spruce, and birch trees. Beautiful trees that provide privacy, and welcome shade from the summer sun.

The trees had been ignored for 25-30 years. At one point, a car could not even pull into the driveway. So, 5 years ago, I began to trim them back, clearing the buildings, opening the drive, lifting the bases so I could walk under them. This made the lot look better, like it was cared for, and improved the flow of air, so I have a nice breeze on the porch.

This year, I got a larger boat, and extended the dock accordingly. Right under an overhanging birch tree. A tree that dropped leaves and stuff on the boat. It needed to be trimmed. So it was yesterday.

I think of the local arborist as a sculptor. His medium is wood and space. I still have lots of privacy, but the property looks more open, has more sunlight, and better airflow.

I also shaved my legs yesterday. A bi-weekly ritual I don’t understand but enjoy just the same.

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