It took a day … 🤔

It took a day to fully recovery from the century prep ride. That’s unusual. I normally recover faster. It was the heat. It took a lot out of me.

I’m ready.

I was pleased with the kit I wore. It was comfortable, and looked good. I wasn’t sure about the socks. They are lighter than I usually wear but they match the rest of the kit. They were fine. Probably good in that heat.

I was pleased with the fuelling – several MadeGood energy bars, and 2 date squares. I stopped every 25-30 km to eat, and take in water. During the event there will be stations every 25 km.

I was pleased with the hydration – 1 bottle of water with a NUUN tablet. Every 10-15 km I’d take a small sip. The bottle lasted the entire ride. I probably needed a second bottle. For the event, I’ll carry a second bottle of just water.

I was also pleased with the tire pressure – 70 psi in the rear and 50 in the front (7 & 5 bars). Perfect for these rural roads.

Now all I have to do is work out how I’m going to get to the event. It’s 50 km away.

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