This is the best I can do … ☕️

This is the best I can do in these parts. Tim Hortons for coffee. There are no cafes, or independent roasters in the area. Just Tim’s.

Yesterday I did a 45 km route to the big lake and back, joining sections of road I really enjoy. Some are smooth, and pothole free. Some have wide, paved shoulders. Some are scenic. And, all have very little traffic.

I was into a westerly on the way out, and had it to my back on the way back. That was fun. Fast. Effortless speed.

Every ride, I always do 2 sprints, sometimes more. But every return ride I have 2 – .75 km sprints I do near the cottage and they are about .5 km apart. The first is on a 1-2 % grade, usually into the wind. The second is the last stretch of road before the cottage road. Both are paved. Both have numerous, but filled, potholes.

I test myself on these sprints, trying to gain as much speed as possible. I’m getting faster, and stronger. I’m even completing them on the big ring.

These sprints are my benchmark. They tell me if I’m improving, or not. They are not Strava segments. They should be. Maybe I should add them.

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