This is how I know …

This is how I know.

When I begin to see the veins in my thighs, I know I am approaching my ideal cycling weight. A weight when I know I am carrying little, if any excess weight.

It’s not a fashionable weight. Many will say I am too thin, particularly those close to me. But I know from experience that I perform better on the bike when I weigh 135-140 pounds. I am faster, more confident, and have better endurance.

I didn’t always know this. For a period, I was lulled into the belief that extra weight may have actually been good for me. That I looked better at 170-175 pounds. Well the only ones advising me of that were not cyclist, and they in fact, were over weight, constantly in a struggle to shed a few pounds.

Once I committed to being a cyclist, that all changed. My workouts. My diet. Yes, even my friends.

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