101. 34. 🤷‍♂️

101. 34.

These are important numbers.

101 km. 34 bpm. They mark training milestones.

Today I cycled 101 km. I have regularly cycled 75 km. Most weeks in fact. But heading up to the Kawartha Classic, I plan a 100+ ride every week, gradually increasing the pace. Today, several sections were at race pace but for 40% of the time I was battling a strong headwind. Regardless, I finished in good time, felt strong at the end, and was even able to sprint the last 3-4 km.

This morning, my resting heart rate was 34 bpm. At the beginning of Camp PedalWORKS, I was happy to see 42. Now, I am regularly seeing 34, even 32 a few times. This is a good indication of the training effect, and a value I have rarely seen.

101. 34. These are good numbers for me.

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