Camp PedalWORKS update … 🚴‍♀️🇨🇦☀️

I have been at Camp PedalWORKS for 7 weeks – the mid-point of a 3 month training adventure. It’s time to summarize my progress to date –

  • It takes a week to adjust to no TV, wifi, or car. The week is spent opening the camp, stocking up on food, and reading material.
  • June was cool and wet. Glad I brought my winter kits.
  • I was quick to log rides on Strava and connect with local cyclists.
  • I identified 2 Strava segments that I am using to measure my fitness progress – a 3+ km sprint and a .7 km climb. This week I set PR’s on both.
  • My average times are gradually increasing and my top speeds on several segments are improving.
  • I’ve lost 3-4 pounds and am at my optimum cycling weight several weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Rest days are dictated more by the weather than effort. When it is sunny and warm, I ride. When it is wet, I rest.
  • I’m sleeping more soundly and longer, getting an extra hour or more every night.

On the whole, I’d say I am ahead of schedule preparing for the Kawartha Lakes Classic Century in August.

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