Yesterday was rest day …

I try to rest 1 day a week, but it’s hard to when it is sunny and hot. Last week I cycled 300+ km , more than I planned. I’m of the school that believes training intensity trumps duration. A few short, hard workouts are better than one long one. 250-300 km a week is all I need to prepare for century events. Enough of that for now.

Yesterday was a rest day. The first in over a week. It’s also a cruise day. I take the boat out for the day cruising the Trent-Severn Waterway. It keeps me off my feet, and the endless chores at the cottage.

I have an 18′ bow rider with a 150 horsepower inboard/outboard engine. It’s a lot of boat for a guy more accustomed to paddling a kayak. I bought the boat from a neighbour because I wanted to see more of the Kawartha Lakes. You see Camp PedalWORKS is in the Kawartha’a, a string of lakes with historical significance. A beautiful string of lakes connected by lift locks, rivers, and manmade canals.

So Tuesdays are cruise days. Rest days. I’m off my feet, and off my bike, the entire day, exploring the neighbouring waterways.

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