Lock. It.

I don’t carry a lock when I’m out on the road bikes. I’m training, and if I do stop for a coffee, I keep it next to me at all times.

While at Camp PedalWORKS, I thought I should have one. I won’t have a car most of the time, and will have to stop regularly to shop at the local market or library to pick up or drop off books.

I didn’t want to carry a heavy, bulky lock. I wanted something I could easily carry in my saddle pack. After looking in several bike shops I found this Ottolock Cinch Lock made of layered tempered steel covered with Mylar. It’s flexible, rolls up compactly, and is light. It comes in several lengths ranging in price from $60-90 CAD.

It’s perfect. Light. Packs easily. And gives me some assurance when I quickly run inside for fruit and vegetables. I always leave the bike in a highly visible spot near a doorway. I know it’s not the best but is a deterrent.

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