There ain’t no mountains here …

I live in the Pacific Northwest where mountains abound. Heck, I live atop “Little Mountain”, a 3 km climb home from every direction. I’m used to climbing. Even like climbing. Hills are a test of your metal.

Here, at Camp PedalWORKS, there are no mountain. Not even long hills to climb. But there are numerous short steep grades to navigate.

The biggest and longest climb in the immediate area is the “Centennial Rd Climb”. That’s right. It’s even a Strava segment.

It’s a climb I do regularly. It’s .6 km long with an average gradient of 3.8%. It starts slowly at about 2% and peaks in sections at about 8%. It’s short, but can be a good workout if you put the effort in, and do it repeatedly. It’s where I do repeats!

My best time is 1:56 minutes, 3rd best this year according to Strava. Two other cyclists have recorded 1:44 times. My goal this year while at Camp PedalWORKS is a KOM on the “Centennial Rd Climb”.

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