No meat on these feet …

My doctor told me a few weeks ago that there was no meat on my feet. She is right. I’m lean, and better for it.

I’m a numbers nerd. Maybe it’s my professional training, but I believe numbers matter. They keep you honest, and focused. When training, I pay a lot of attention to them. Body weight. Resting heart rate. Average speed. Distance. Maximum speed. Maximum heart rate. % time spent in the heart rate training zones. Hours of sleep. I wear a Garmin activity tracker, have a cycle computer on my bike, and always turn the Strava app on. I don’t want to miss anything.

In short, a numbers nerd.

There are a few numbers I pay close attention to:

  • 140 – that’s my optimum cycling weight where I feel strong, fast, yet can climb more easily;
  • 40 – my resting heart rate. At Camp PedalWORKS, it has been as low as 32. I monitor in the morning to know if I have recovered sufficiently from the previous days efforts; and,
  • 250 – my total weekly kilometres. The past 7 days I totalled 300+ km. I try to keep it between 250-300 km and increase the intensity weekly.

By the end of Camp, I will be a lean 135 lbs with an average RHR in the mid 30’s, and complete a 400 km week before the Kawartha Lakes 16th Annual century ride.

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