Look Mom, no gloves …

I used to always wear cycling gloves, even in the summer. I thought that’s what you did to prevent tingling in the hands, and to look like a real cyclist. That all changed when I read “Shadows on the Road” by Michael Barry, a personal account of cycling in the professional peloton. Apparently, the pros wear gloves during the racing events to prevent injury in the event of a spill but don’t wear them when training when there is little chance of crashing.

It makes sense.

I tried it. And liked it. I feel more in touch with the bike, like I’m more in control.

And numbness in the the hands has more to do with bike fit than glove padding. There should be no weight on your hands. They are on the bars to steer and brake.

4 thoughts on “Look Mom, no gloves …

  1. I wear them so that if I fall, I have some protection. But I’ve also ridden without gloves. As long as I don’t fall it’s great. 🙂

  2. Interesting. When I cycled to Paris last week I was getting some aching/numbness on the bike which is unusual. When I took my gloves off it seemed slightly better. No idea why.

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