Cottage life …😀



Cottage life at Camp PedalWORKS is so different.

It is a much slower pace, with much more outdoor activity. Without TV, wi-fi, or a car, I am on the bike, walking, paddling, or doing chores most of the day. But there is one thing that I notice most. The people. The people here are down-to-earth, honest, and tremendously helpful.

My youngest son is visiting next week with his young family, my grandchildren. Like me, he is an avid cyclist. It was too much for him to travel with a bike this time, so I said “leave it to me”. I thought I’ll rent one from one of the local shops. I am anxious for him to experience the rural, lake countryside on 2 wheels. I called the owner of Spokes for Folks, a small bike shop in Cambray, a very small town a 90 minute ride from here. They don’t rent bikes but the owner, an ex-racer I have known for years, said he would get one for me. There is a member of the local cycling club that has a “loner” bike he offers to visitors to the area. I asked, “What kind of shape is it in?”. My son is an experienced, strong road cyclist. I don’t want to put him on a slug. He replied, “Don’t worry. It is immaculate.”.

Well, he is right.

Look at it –

  • TREK carbon frame, forks, and bars
  • Shimano 105 group
  • Campagnolo rims with Continental Grand Prix 4000 tries
  • spare tire and tire irons
  • rear light
  • mini pump
  • Cateye computer

It’s in pristine shape, ready to roll. Apparently, it is made up of hand-me-down parts from his newer bikes. He keeps this for visitors. I don’t even know him. How generous is that?

Would I do the same?

That’s the thing about this place. People go out of their way to help. Over the years, I have needed help to build decks, docks, trim trees, install a gas fireplace, double glazed windows, a new water pump, and a metal roof. Every time, I simply asked for a local reference, and every time I have gotten the help I needed. And, quickly. The people here are skillful, reliable, interesting, and inexpensive.

Life in the city is not this easy.


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