Sometimes you have to slow down …


Sometimes you have to slow down.

Camp PedalWORKS does that.

Camp PedalWORKS is hard work. It requires a 3 month commitment to daily rides, a reduced calorie, clean diet, regular strength training session, and improved recovery methods.

I have been here just over 2 weeks. It takes me that long to settle in, open and clean the cottage, and get accustomed to no TV, wi-fi, or car. I eat more simply – porridge every day, rice and quinoa wraps, fresh vegetable salads, lentil soups, and a variety of veggie burgers. I train harder, and recover better.

I cycle 5-6 days a week for a total of ~ 200 km a week. I do a variety of rides from 25-75 km varying the length and intensity depending on how I’m feeling, and the strength of wind. There is a lot of wind here sweeping over the open pastures. Sometimes it’s so oppressive, it is like a 20 km mountain climb – 30-40 kph with gusts to 50 kph. I usually plan the rides so I have a helping wind on the way back.

Today is a rest day. I try to rest 1 day a week. Today, it’s easy. It’s raining, and cool. A good day for a pot of soup.

I thought it may be difficult maintaining enthusiasm. It’s not, and never has been. I was made for this. In another life, I could have been a professional cyclist. I do this mostly on my own. There are no groups to ride with regularly, certainly none in the immediate area. However, there is a gym in town. I try to go there once every few weeks (otherwise I train at the cottage with body weight exercises). Having an event to train for at the end of the summer – and Strava KOM’s – keeps me going.

I am already lighter and stronger than at the end of last season, so I can only improve. My goals this month are to get to my optimum cycling weight (just 1 pound), and complete a 100 km ride.

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