I’m back …


I’m back at the family cottage for the summer.

I call it Camp PedalWORKS.

This winter I commissioned a local artist to paint the cottage from a series of photographs. It captures the spirt of the place – colourful, relaxed, genteel, tranquil. There is no TV. No internet. No car. Just a stack of books, my bike – Dash – and green kayak.

I spend the summers here training for century rides. This year it’s the 16th Annual Kawartha Lakes Classic. I have never done this ride, and am looking forward to the quiet, rural countryside by the lakes.

It’s a time to recharge. A time to disconnect from social media, traffic congestion, and city noises. All distractions. Instead, it’s a time to reflect, sort priorities, and start anew.  An annual rebirth of sorts. Family and friends will visit, but I am mostly alone with only my own thoughts, a tantalizing thriller, a quiet, countryside ride, and a simple, clean vegan diet.

It’s a cleansing of sorts of both the body and mind.

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