Moving meditation …


I don’t talk much about this.

It is easy to talk about training methods, cycling drills, and improved technology – things like FTP, pedalling in circles 🤔, hill repeats, 1 X drive trains, seat angles, slammed stems, cycling kits, optimum stem lengths, disc vs. rim brakes, ideal tire widths, preferred tire pressures, carbon vs. steel frames, Strava PR’s and KOM’s 😠; heart rate training zones, fasted training, polarized training, climbing and descending skills, century rides, racing, gravel, and touring bikes …

These are the things I think about.

But, these are not what I enjoy most about a ride.


It’s the way a ride makes me feel. Relaxed. Empowered. Centred. Focused. Some refer to a ride as moving meditation. It makes sense. It is hard to think about anything but the ride. You are in the moment the whole time, on the lookout for potholes, pedestrians, cars, acutely aware of the wind and terrain, the warmth of the sun, the smell of spring flowers, the beat of your heart, the fatigue in your legs. There is no room to think of anything else.

All senses are heightened.

Cycling gives me a wonderful sense of freedom, taking me back to early childhood when I had no worries, and no responsibility. I go when, and where I want, exploring new roads, challenging myself to longer, steeper climbs. Weather matters less than the route. Wind and hills are my friends. The ride is all that matters, transporting me to a different place both physically, and mentally.

For me, there is no better way to spend time.


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