FTP Test (April 5, 2019)

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 5.55.55 PM

I committed to re-testing my FTP every month.

Yesterday was the day.

This month, I did it differently. I recruited help. I asked a friend to spin beside me for each of the 8-minute efforts to help spur me on. He is much younger, and stronger, but less experienced, and had never done the test before. He beat me by ~ 30 watts, which is what I expected, but motivated me to push harder.

It worked.

In the past month, I have increased my FTP, and power / weight ratio. Since the same time last year, I have seen a significant improvement. I have lost 15+ pounds, increased my FTP by 3%, and my power / weight ratio by 14%.

A few years ago, I questioned whether I could improve these numbers at my age. I knew that as I aged, my body would tend to gain weight, and lose muscle mass. Could I stop this by adjusting my diet and training methods?

Apparently I can.

I am leaner, faster, and more proficient on the bike today than I have ever been. Well, thats what Strava tells me. Yesterday I received my March statistics. During the month I had 76 PR’s on 3 rides I have done regularly since I began using the app years ago.

Can I continue this trend? Can I get faster, and stronger? I’m not sure, but have set new targets – a 300+ W FTP and a power / weight ratio of 5.0. This is ambitious, but doable. By mid-August, prior to the Kawartha Lakes Classic, a century ride in Ontario cottage country, this is the goal .

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