Written in the Snow …


I know. I know.

This is not a cycling book. But, it is a book every cyclist should read. A book everyone needs to read.

Liz Rose is the youngest Canadian to conquer the Seven Summits. Do you know what that means? She has climbed the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents. And, as remarkable as that may be, she did it in less than 3 years, and without previous climbing experience.

Her achievement is truly inspirational. She wrote this book not to gloat about her achievement, but to encourage others to “try new things”, “believe in yourself”, “recognize the beauty around you”. “be present”, and to “give back” no matter your age.

What makes this story even more remarkable, for me at least, is that she is from my home town, also loves the Vancouver Canucks, and once worked for Arc’teryx.

So, if you have unfulfilled dreams, like me, what are you waiting for?


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