The Squat Challenge …

In December, I completed the Squat Challenge – 100 squats / day for 30 days.

Last summer, I heard of this challenge. I thought it was only for women wanting to tone and raise their butts. It wasn’t for a serious cyclist like me. I need to be lifting heavy weights, doing leg presses, lunges, and squats with a heavy weighted bar on my shoulders.

I was wrong.

In November, I tried to do 100 squats in succession. I couldn’t do it. I was surprised. So, throughout the month, I added body-weight squats to my daily routine, and gradually increased the repetitions. In the beginning, I could only complete 25 at a time.

In December, I took on the challenge. I began doing 3 sets of 35 repetitions. That was a challenge. But after about 2 weeks, I was able to complete 100 in succession, and continued to do them for the balance of the month.

I noticed a lot of changes. My glutes were more engaged when I walked and cycled. My core felt stronger. And, like the video above, my quads became more toned, and cut. I concluded that high repetition body weight squats are the perfect exercise for the cyclist. They strengthen and tone the most important cycling muscles – the gluteal, quadricep femoris, and core muscles. As a result, I plan to continue doing 100+ body weight squats every day. I have added them to my workout. Sometimes I do them in succession. Sometimes I do 3 sets of 35-50 repetitions. And sometimes, I do the final set while holding a kettle bell.

I have concluded that high repetition body weight exercises – squats, planks, pushups, lunges – are an ideal form of exercise, particularly for the cyclist. Over the past several years, I have developed a 45 minute body weight program that I can do anywhere without the need for the gym.

If you haven’t tried doing 100 squats, I challenge you to try.

3 thoughts on “The Squat Challenge …

  1. This is something I’ve neglected since becoming more immersed in road cycling. I used to do gym work 3-4 days a week. I might have to add squats and some extra bodyweight/weighted stuff to my week.

    Especially as we age (!!!) it becomes even more important.

    • We all prefer to be on our bikes, particularly in the warm, dry weather. What I like about bodyweight exercises is that a) I can do them anywhere, anytime, b) there is less risk of injury, and c) high repetitions of them build lean muscle, and endurance. In recent, years, I have tried to include a 30 min daily strength workout regardless where I am, or how much I have ridden.

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