Bike Art …


I love looking at my bikes.

All of them.

They don’t belong in the garage or basement. They belong where I can see and enjoy them every day.

I fashioned this bike hanger from a piece of plywood and dowel purchased from Home Depot. It includes a shelf to keep my helmet, shoes, and other cycling accessories handy.

I have 3 bikes in the room, and take turns riding them. Each week, I switch bikes, and the one currently being ridden hangs on this wall ready to go. The other 2 hang in a cubicle on the other side of the room fashioned out of an old clothes closet. There are shelves for all of the other accessories – shoes, helmets, bags, booties, arm warmers, hats – and a rod to hang my cycling jackets.

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6 thoughts on “Bike Art …

  1. Very cool looking! And practical. (I’m jealous of your space and organization.)

    Question: are the saddles on the wall decorative or practical? (Do you sometimes choose a specific saddle for a given ride?)

    • Thank you.

      No. The saddles are real, and represent 4 decades of cycling. I have more but these are 4 different styles. I have different saddles on each of the bikes but don’t change them around. Instead, I chose the bike depending on the weather and route.

      • Well, to be honest, this took me years to develop. Initially, my bikes hung in the basement, but as my kids grew older, there were more and more bikes. Currently, they are 8 in the garage, and 3 in the basement. We are careful, and particular with our bikes. They need to be locked up and inside. So, I simply ran out of room.

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