Coffeeneuring # 4 – Pallet Coffee Roasters

Date: November 2, 2018

Cafe: Pallet Coffee Roasters

Distance: 36 km

Drink: Black drip coffee

Notes: Today’s coffee stop was a pleasant surprise. Pallet Coffee Roasters is a relatively new local business. Starting in 2014, they quickly gained acclaim winning recognition as the top roaster in town. I had never heard of them. They started with one location on the far side of town but recently opened 2 other stores, one of them in my neighbourhood (they actually took over a Starbuck’s store).

Today’s ride was also a pleasant surprise. It was a cool (12 C), windy but dry ride under clear blue skies over a blanket of fallen leaves. I schedule my Coffeeneuring rides when I run out of coffee. I try to only purchase a 1/2 pound, a week’s supply for me, but some roasters only sell larger quantities I am learning. That is the case this week.

I had intended to try different coffee drinks – espresso, latte … – but since I am purchasing their beans, and prefer my coffee black at home, I am ordering a black drip coffee so that I can taste their roasts beforehand. This week it is a Brazilian bean with a medium-dark roast.

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