Coffeenuring #2 – Steveston Coffee Co.

Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cafe: Steveston Coffee Co.

Distance: 55 km

Drink: single-shot expresso

Notes: I know. I know.

I just posted yesterday. But here’s is the thing. One of my objectives when accepting the Coffeeneuring Challenge was to purchase a 1/2 pound of locally roasted coffee from roasters I have no previous experience with. Well, little did I know that La Musette do not roast their own coffee. So, since I was out of coffee for the week, I needed to coffeeneur again today.

I headed south to Steveston, a small working fishing village at the opening of the Fraser River as it finally reaches the Pacific Ocean. It is a scenic, tourist destination – lots of restaurants, shops, and coffee shops. I have been wanting to try the Steveston Coffee Co. for some time but, despite this being a regular winter ride for me, I have never stopped there. It’s a small shop with a menu for coffees and baked goods on a blackboard behind the counter. I enjoyed an expresso and a fresh muffin while sitting in the storefront window guarding my bike leaning against a power pole in front. Unlike La Musette, I could not bring the bike instead.

I can see why an espresso is a biker’s favourite. It’s a small, strong hit of caffeine that doesn’t fill the bladder. When I have a regular cup of coffee mid-ride, I often have to pee before getting back home. Not this time. The espresso may become my preferred mid-ride beverage from here on in 😂

It is a lovely, sometimes windy, ride along the river banks along the north and south ends of the river delta, passing marinas, yacht clubs, fishing boats, canneries, farmers fields, and even a few wineries. Today there was little wind, and a lot of sun. The ride was uneventful, except for a flat tire but more on that in a later post.

And now I have 1/2 pound of dark roast beans for the week.

Have you started coffeeneuring yet?

1 thought on “Coffeenuring #2 – Steveston Coffee Co.

  1. I don’t do the coffeeneuring thing, I’d be limited to Burger King and McDonald’s, but that said, I know where I wouldn’t be going back to if they don’t understand the importance of bringing the steed inside! That they wouldn’t allow it is a travesty.

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