Imagine change. Ideal body weight …

My goal is to become a leaner, faster, and stronger cyclist this year.

I need to lose a few pounds. At this time of year, I always need to lose a few pounds. I don’t usually think about losing weight until shortly before the first event of the season which is usually April. Well, not this year. I want to be at my optimal cycling weight most of the year. I have already mentioned how I intend doing that, but what is my optimum weight?

Charts, like the one pictured above, are helpful but not always accurate. There is a lot to consider. Age. Muscle mass. Body type. Frame size. Gender. All I know is that I feel best on the bike when I am 150-155 pounds. This chart would suggest my ideal weight is 156-160 pounds. I’m currently 158 pounds but carry excess weight.

So, my target is 150-155.

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