Imagine change. Recovery Weeks …

I am sick this weak. I picked up a cold from my granddaughter. So, I’m taking a week off from training.

An involuntary break.

I know better. Or, I thought I did. It’s important every 4-6 weeks to rest, or at least “deload” by lessening the intensity and duration of workouts. Like many athletes, I know this but seldom do it for fear of losing conditioning. In my mind, I think progress is made in a linear, steady way. If I increase the work load each and every week, I will continually get stronger, more flexible, and faster.



The body needs time to adapt to the changes being made, and to recover.

This week, I am forced to take a week off. I had no choice. And guess what. I feel better. More rested. My RHR is lower than it has been in several months. I am sleeping more soundly, and longer. And, I have fewer aches and pains, particularly in the legs.

So, this is the plan. I’m going to rest or “deload” every 4-6 weeks regardless of how I may feel. I may still workout but not at the same intensity or duration. Or, I may stay off the bike and away from the gym entirely for 3-5 days. Voluntarily I’m going to rest, and give my body a chance to fully recover.

3 thoughts on “Imagine change. Recovery Weeks …

  1. I think it makes sense especially as we get older.
    No doubt you’ve seen Sandy Scott the American veteran world cycling and running champions blog,one of which in particular,”is it possible to over exercise,”I take as a word of warning
    Will you continue the 10k steps on your rest week?

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