Imagine change. 10,000 steps a day …

I wear a Garmin activity tracker, and have for over a year. Now that I understand how to use it, I pay much more attention to it. Every day I track how long I slept the night before, how much of the sleep was considered “deep” sleep, my lowest resting heart rate during the night, the number of “Intensity Minutes” accumulated every day, the # of calories expended during the day, and yes, the number of steps I take throughout the day.

I own and operate 2 cars but never use them. That’s a whole other story, and something that needs to change. Instead, I bike and walk everywhere. I walk to the gym every morning for a spinning workout, and walk several hours in the afternoon running errands and visiting. This time of year, when it is cold and wet, I walk more than I ride. And for good reason. Walking is good for me both physically and mentally.

Since the beginning of the year, I average about 13,000 steps a days, sometimes less, sometimes more. Some days I challenge myself with a long climb up and around the local park. Other days, I stay on the neighbourhood streets en route to the local shops.

3 thoughts on “Imagine change. 10,000 steps a day …

  1. Coincidentally our UK weather since mid December has not been conducive for cycling and so I too have taken to walking everyday,having to walk my dog helps here.
    I have a free app “walker” on my phone which logs my steps,it’s a really good one with lots of information for those that like stats..apart from anything else it’s a great motivational tool.imo
    I’ve averaged 12k steps a day so far in January.
    Hope I can keep it going until the weather improves and cycling is a bit more enjoyable,biking in zero degrees isn’t enjoyable to me.

      • Yes I’ve seen that somewhere to.
        Walking a vigorous pace isn’t quite as easy a you might think,it’ gives a good workout.
        I’ve tried using the turbo trainer a few times but TBH no matter how hard I persevere I can’t stand to do more than 30mins on it, mainly due to that feeling of not going anywhere,I like to be out in the fresh air and scenery.
        Some folks seem to take to it,but not me😬

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