Imagine change. A hand built bike …

I am seriously considering having an all-road, custom steel bike made. Something not unlike the GCN bike above.

Steel frame. Ritchie carbon fork. Sram hydraulic disc brakes.  1X drive train. Thru axles. White Industries crank, hubs, and headset. H Plus Son Hydra rims. Ritchie seat post, stem, and handlebars.

I don’t need another bike. You never really do. But it suits the type of cycling I do and opens up a whole network of gravel roads at the cottage that I have not been able to explore on a bike.

2 thoughts on “Imagine change. A hand built bike …

    • Well, I’m not sure either but I have 2 other road bikes each with compact chainrings. I want to get onto gravel roads and have been advised the 1x is simpler to operate, quieter, and more reliable.

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