Imagine change. Ultimate Cycling Legs …

I like body weight exercises.

I can do them anywhere, anytime. In the gym. At home. When travelling. And, I donjt need any equipment.

This video demonstrates 7 cycling specific strengthening exercises – mountain climber,  renegade row, goblet squat, lateral squat, split squat, front plank, back extension – that improve cycling efficiency, and power.

This is my plan. I’ll incorporate these exercises into my daily workouts (I already do a few of them regularly), gradually increase the repetitions and duration, and use the stacked weight equipment less.

1 thought on “Imagine change. Ultimate Cycling Legs …

  1. Nice to know that you enjoy body-weight exercises / free-hand exercises. I prefer them because, afterall it is my body weight that will help me get fit. I think so. Happy rides! 🙂

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